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Contact Us
We always try to offer speedy services. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact our customer service representatives.
USA, Spain, Mexico, Others: selena.salesman@hotmail.com
Asia, Latin America, Oceania: fay.sales@gmail.com
sales@salesmanb2b.com For any general questions 24-7. We normally respond to all enquiries within 1 working day.
Live Chat:
Available our working time, please chat with us:
Msn 1: selena.salesman@hotmail.com (USA, Spain, Mexico, Others)
Msn 2: tabitha.sales@hotmail.com (Europe)
Msn 3: fay.sales@gmail.com (Asia, Latin America, Oceania)
   Skype: salesmanb2bcom
Room 201 #202, Yide Road,
Yuexiu District
City: Guangzhou
Country: China
Postal code:510120
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